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Here at Future Planning Wealth Management, we strive to help our clients enjoy retirement and remove the fear of running out of money. Retirement should be the longest holiday of your life! It is never too early to begin discussing this, as the sooner the better for you, especially since pension freedom was announced. Our advice is simple: do not wait until a pension says you can retire to discuss your options. Whether you are over the Lifetime Allowance (LTA), maximising your Annual Allowance (AA) or think you have insufficient funds built up, we can help you plan effectively and think ahead by showing you how early you can finish working, and move on to the things that have been gathering dust in your bucket list! 

We understand that our clients have worked very hard with one eye on retirement, especially as we all get older. We meet with clients who ask questions such as, "I want to understand when I can retire and have enough money to enjoy myself", or "can you help me plan to exit my business".  Typically people want to make sure that they both: 

  1. Do not run out of money and be in good health but unable to enjoy retirement 
  2. Do not leave too much behind out of fear of running out, and not have the retirement they have worked so hard for 

Being alternative means we don't assume by default that retirement planning requires you to be sold for example a "pension", or an "annuity" as we never focus on this. We pride ourselves on listening to what you wish to achieve and what your goals are. It may be that you have pensions, investments, properties, land, a planned business sale, company shares, jewellery, antiques, or even a combination of these and other arrangements. We will think outside of the box for your benefit and create something unique to help you be as efficient as possible and therefore achieve your goals as early as possible.

Whatever you feel most comfortable with, we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.  For most clients that includes retiring as early as possible!  We see retirement planning as helping you to achieve financial freedom when you desire it; that is the enjoyment of not having to work and also never having the fear of running out of money.  


One of the most satisfying parts of our roles are when we identify that you can finish working early and then put into place actions to help you begin enjoying retirement and do the things you have always wanted to. However when we identify that a client is unable to retire just yet, we will always tell you the truth and then work with you to help that happen as soon as possible, using our expert knowledge and experience. The above video discusses what your retirement may look like and the importance of planning. 

Once retired, one of the most valuable roles that we play are remaining on hand to make sure that you continue to enjoy your retirement and thus not worry about money.  We love hearing about all of the things you have been up to, even if it is first taking some time to finally do those household chores! 

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Anil completed my mortgage and protection policies and has always been available for any additional queries I have had both throughout and after he gave me advice. Excellent knowledge, very thorough and attentive to my needs. He has also subsequently prov

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