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We enjoy providing great advice and expert assistance to you in this area, as it will have a significant impact upon your life and finances. We deal with a range of clients from those looking to purchase a property for the first time, to those refinancing existing mortgaged properties, or releasing equity, through to property magnates, landlords and developers. We have excellent connections with estate agents and an in house mortgage adviser to ensure that your application can move as quickly as possible. Have a play on our calculators by clicking here: Mortgage Calculators - Best Buy Products, Affordability Checks & More!

There are many things to consider when it comes to considering mortgages, and who to trust to help see you achieve your goal shouldn't be one of them. Fortunately we have years of experience and remember being independent means that we are not biased towards any provider, but will look to do only what is right for you. We publish our research and we want you to be informed. 

Having a dedicated mortgage specialist who liaises directly with the underwriters of all lenders, to see your case through from start to finish with face to face advice, the latest software and the most competitive rates means that we are better placed to help you. And thanks to our efficiency and the volume of cases we handle, we are very competitive for pricing and repeatedly told excellent value for money. 

For most clients, repaying a mortgage as early as possible is the right thing to do. However there can be exceptions to this rule, when it may not the best thing to do for one or more reasons. When we work with a client, we explain why we are suggesting what we are. It is really important to us that you understand completely what is right for you and therefore we will analyse your situation on a personalised basis, to ensure that you are following the right strategy. We wouldn't want any clients to pay unnecessary interest, fees, penalties or tax after all! The video below explains this further: 

If you have an enquiry regarding a mortgage then it is best to get in touch by calling or sending a message through. We are always happy to hold an initial conversation with you. We really enjoy helping people, so even if we are unable to assist you then we will at least provide some pointers to you to help you out. 

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I have known Sanjay from the days he worked in the Halifax and I have always found him to be very honest, professional and reliable. He listens intently and is patient when explaining anything complicated to me. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sanjay

Mrs C M Wiltshire

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