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Whether you are growing, preserving or spending your assets, wealth management involves a high level of expertise, care and trust to ensure that your money is looked after and we do this as though it were our own. We have the knowledge to help you enjoy increased success in this area.  Constant changes to regulation and various allowances means it is a time consuming affair to manage your own money, and getting it wrong often costs much more. 

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We always clearly demonstrate value before working with any clients, so you know how much better off you will be with our expertise.  Whether a novice or an experienced investor, making sure that you receive good advice is really important to ensuring your money has as much growth potential as possible.  


If you have existing investment or pension portfolios where you find that your money is not growing as you would expect, or feel that you are receiving poor value for money from your current adviser then it is always worth a second opinion. These videos highlight the scenarios we often see with new clients we meet. Perhaps you are in a similar position?


We provide solutions for clients also looking to retire and therefore take income, or draw down from their assets over time and can help to transfer wealth to your loved ones as tax efficiently as possible, which doesn't necessarily mean you lose access either. We use certain investment techniques to maximise your potential returns, including asset allocation and not trying to guess what is going to happen in the short term, but focussing on the long term. One really important investment technique is the power of compound interest. 


Our expert processes, systems and constant ongoing due diligence allow for costs to be as efficient as possible, meaning that you enjoy the lion's share of returns and not fund managers or providers. A welcome change we often hear clients say! By working on your behalf and not for providers, we remain impartial and committed to delivering better value for you. 

Furthermore we understand your goals clearly through our comprehensive financial planning service and by having a firm grasp of your desired lifestyle, we will tailor your holdings so that they fit in with your requirements. No two plans are the same and we treat you and your money with the highest regard; we firmly believe that our clients deserve nothing less. 

We will manage the risk you are taking, so that you understand where your money is and any associated protection that comes with it. We keep a constant eye on your money and allow you to as well if you want, allowing complete transparency. We will help you to understand if anything is ever set up, why it is and the benefit to you. As an example the below video will provide an introduction to ISAs (now known as NISAs). 

So by keeping your money in efficient tax wrappers to minimise any tax you would otherwise pay, by keeping charges as competitive as possible and investing sensibly by remembering your money is there to help you achieve your goals, we are well placed to offer expert assistance in wealth management. 

Ready to review your arrangements or approaching a key life stage such as inheritance, divorce, downsizing, business sale or retirement? You are welcome to contact us. 

Alternatively to start off investing with a lower amount, use one of our market leading systems. To do this:  Click here to being investing now.

Of course if you are unsure which way to go then simply send an enquiry or call us and we will be happy to help. 

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Mr Badhan explained everything so well and even made the more complicated stuff easy to understand.sent me emails so I could review it for future reference.

Craig MacDonald Wiltshire

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