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First we will discuss Inheritance Tax and then below we cover Care Fees Planning, Wills and Trusts. 

Inheritance Tax

For many people, you no longer have to be considered wealthy to be over the Inheritance Tax (IHT) limit. It is something which affects many people without even realising and with some savings, a modest home and good income it is quite possible to fall into the trap of your loved ones having to pay tax to inherit your estate when you pass away. 

Inheritance Tax is charged at up to 40%, so it certainly is a steep price to pay for many, especially when like our clients, you have probably already paid tax several times over whilst growing or inheriting your assets. Some of the more common taxes incurred by most people: 

  • Stamp duty tax (when buying a property)
  • Income tax (when earning money)
  • Capital gains tax (when making a profit)
  • Corporation tax
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • National insurance contributions (NICs)

Future Planning Wealth Management, as part of their pledge to assist clients achieve their goals, will spend time understanding if the idea of your loved ones paying Inheritance Tax is a concern to you. But we don't simply just assume it is, like most other firms and advisers. Where you wish us to, we will help formulate a plan to address this tax issue. However if it is not a concern, and your plan is to spend everything you have built up before you pass away, we will happily devise a plan like we have done for other clients: our pleasure. 


We have expert knowledge in important areas such as Wills, Trusts, Estate and Long Term Care planning. Making sure you hold a valid and current Will is extremely important and you should do this as soon as possible as a starting point for any estate planning. You can always change a Will in the future, but there are unfortunately many scenarios where even celebrities have passed away without a valid Will and left nothing to their intended beneficiaries. We too see clients who have previously made Wills however they are now out of date and thus invalid. 

Long term care planning (LTC) is another important consideration, as this can have significant implications on your estate and how much you think your beneficiaries are likely to receive. It can be very costly to not consider making arrangements in this area, especially when (The Telegraph, 15/07/31 article reports) the average fee is getting closer to £40,000 EACH YEAR. 

Once your estate planning is confirmed and in order, you can then enjoy your lifestyle even more knowing that you have catered for your loved ones and yourself.  To see if you need advice and planning in this area, or if you wish to discuss your existing arrangements to check if they are valid and correct for you then simply get in touch and we will be happy to have a laid back, relaxed chat.  

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Anil came recommended by a local estate agent & throughout my dealing with them, every company in the area I dealt with knew either personally or by reputation & spoke very highly of them. Extremely knowledgable within services they provided.

Marti Wiltshire

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