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Paying taxes is a good thing; it usually means that you are making money or are profitable and have a certain level of wealth, assets or income.  However who really wants to pay lots more tax than they should be?  We don't often meet people who feel like that! Yet with almost all clients, we identify numerous ways in which they can take advantage of various allowances and limits to not only help you save tax, but also help you to achieve your goals quicker. 

When we work with you to help achieve and exceed your goals, we consider effective tax planning to be an important part of this. Here at Future Planning Wealth Management we can help ensure that you are as efficient as possible, meaning you are keeping more of what you work hard to earn. Common scenarios with which we help clients in include: 

  • Redundancies
  • Business exit planning
  • Extracting profits from your company tax efficiently
  • Reducing inheritance tax (IHT)
  • Providing a tax efficient income when retired
  • Reducing your taxable income
  • Helping avoid pension tax charges
  • Buy To Let and other investment properties

We have expert technical knowledge and experience in working with both companies and private clients, whether employed, self employed, retired or directors. Some of the more common taxes incurred by many people: 

  • Stamp duty tax (when buying a property) 
  • Income tax (when earning money) or with Pension limits being exceeded 
  • Capital gains tax (when making a profit) 
  • Corporation tax (with a company) 
  • Value added tax (VAT when paying for a service/goods) 
  • National insurance contributions (NICs) 

We work really well with other professionals, including Accountants for both clients and companies to make sure that everything is as tax-efficient as possible. We can also build into the equation for you trusts and other tools if they will help you get to where you want to be. If you would like a second opinion of whether you are paying too much tax, send an enquiry through and we will be happy to discuss further.

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Sanjay takes the time to understand my situation and factor this in to his recommendations. He is always professional and knowledgeable. The advice he gives me has worked well since I have been dealing with him and I consider it to be value for money.

Rob Jones Wiltshire

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