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If you are a company director, owner, chief executive or in a position of senior function then the chances are that you have spent many long days, weeks, months and years devoted to making your business successful. However like many of our existing clients, it is important to have a business exit strategy in place. Who knows how long you have to enjoy life? But how do you know when enough has been put away to never run out of money? Very few places can answer these questions accurately. But we can. Watch our video below: 

Many clients use our services to devise a plan to achieve financial independence that does not rely on the sale of a business, but allows for this to be a bonus. After all, what if you are wanting to retire in the middle of a recession and can't? And carrying on working may not be an option, especially as ill health can happen at any time. 

It is crucial that you seek professional and expert financial planning as early as possible. This is one of the areas that we specialise in, and find that we can add quite often the most value to clients. Although we are able to assist clients who have already exited and are retired by devising tax-efficient strategies, we can help more with tax planning and helping you to tick off your aspirations the earlier we begin working together. 

Spending long hours working can mean that other things take a back seat. With a suitable business strategy placed together, we are also able to assist with mitigating unnecessary taxes, meaning you keep more of what you are working so hard to earn. This naturally then means that you are getting ever closer to achieving your goals. 

It is important to acknowledge that each professional is an expert in certain fields. And when discussing something as important a topic as this, we would always fully advocate that you speak to an expert in this area such as Future Planning Wealth Management. We have market leading software and a proven track record of delivering successful results with expert knowledge. We work really well with lots of different professionals, Accountants being one of them (see the "Professionals" page). With an Accountant focussing on your previous tax years and with us helping you plan effectively going forward, it is a perfect relationship to make sure you are as efficient as possible and optimised for success. We are proud to have Accountants as clients too! 

To understand how we may be able to work with you to help you achieve success in this area, you are welcome to make contact to see if our services may be of benefit and value to you. 

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Anil listens, understands and accommodating. Very helpful explaining the products to consider with pros and cons of products and plans being considered.

Jass Wiltshire

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