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Ongoing concerns with the shortfall in retirement funding by many workers in this country led the UK Government to a decision to introduce towards the end of 2012 something called Automatic Enrolment. The aim is simple: to place more onus on employees and employers to contribute towards the retirement of the employees.  Below our video we provide further insight into how our services assist with auto enrolment.  

We work with company owners, directors, the company itself and also employees in assisting you to compliantly meet the requirements in this area. Each company has been provided a staging date, which is another term for a deadline to have this all in place by. The company's actual staging date depends upon different factors however the company Accountant will be able to provide the date. 

This is the really important part: it takes time to set up a scheme. Therefore it is recommended that as early as possible you seek advice and that expert assistance in this matter and remember it is the employer's responsibility to inform employees. Even if you have a scheme in place, it is important to verify that it is compliant and that the correct systems and procedures are in place. 

How we take the whole burden of pensions auto enrolment off your shoulders

Auto enrolment is a headache for most employers. Failure to comply with the complex and laborious duties imposed by the legislation can mean daily employer fines. The good news is that we have trusted auto enrolment solutions for you that takes care of the entire process. Our solutions provide a complete end to end solution meaning that all the preparation, pension and implementation are taken care of for you, including: 

  • Help you establish your staging date
  • Calculate your postponement period
  • Provide the pension, all the auto enrolment setup, the administration and your employee communications
  • Handle your Declaration of Compliance
  • Provide a dedicated Helpline for you and your employees

More important reasons why we are the correct solution for your business

  • No need to upgrade or change your existing payroll software or processes
  • The scheme includes pensions that invests in funds managed by the UK's most trusted Life, Pensions & Investments providers
  • Simple sign up process means we only need information from you that you already know, with no complicated decisions to be made
  • No system charges or licence fees

Contact us for more information on our services in this area to find out more details. 

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I was made redundant with a lump sum to invest for my future. Kevin looked at all my finances & advised me how best to use my lump sum due to the poor investment rates being given in banks and building societies. Yes my investments are now performing well

Lesley Cheshire

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