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Learn of what we do, how we work, our unique wealth management methods and why we are proud to consider ourselves different to others.

We are constantly told that our methods add real value and work with both generators and receivers of wealth.  This video using a simple ball and string shows in just two minutes how we work: 

We take pride in focussing on your goals and are committed to delivering the best outcomes for you. We like to consider ourselves alternative, in that we take the time to get to know you and what you are looking to achieve, by really understanding what is important to you. We pledge to never work for providers and never push or sell products. We promise to only ever tell the truth and enjoy long lasting relationships with our clients, as they benefit from increased value thanks to the way we work. 

We have a proven track record of delivering results and this video provides further insight into the value you can expect to receive as a client. Jim and Jane are not unlike some of our existing clients.  We carefully choose our client relationships to help us provide high service levels both when engaging for the first time and for the long term with each client. 

Our aim is to keep you and your goals at the centre of everything we do. We maintain a high ethical stance at all times and wish for every client to enjoy the life they deserve.  You have probably worked hard to grow your wealth and whether employed for a company, or self employed with your own business, it is important to always have an escape plan built in so that you never lose focus on making sure that you are able to spend time with those important to you, to enjoy your life. It may also be that you are already retired and want to know that your money will last and be looked after with extreme care and diligence, ensuring maximum value for you. 

We hope that you find this website useful to help you understand what correct financial planning looks like. When you meet with an adviser, the meeting should not be about selling products or solely fixated on your money.  We find that our way of working delivers better outcomes by focussing on you and that we understand your assets, wealth and income are tools to help you achieve your goals. If you think you are ready to embrace a better experience and increased value for you, we are happy to have an initial chat to see if our services may be of benefit. 

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Hello Sanjay Badhan IS everything stated on his site and more. We've' known him for 10 years approx. initially in the Halifax and latterly as an independent I endorse; THE ADVICE HE GIVES IS GOOD. Somehow this sounds an understatement but his advice is go

Wm. Elfed Young-Powell Wiltshire

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